Not for scientists.
At Abakus, one of the leading web development companies in Malta, we have always believed that the best service we can offer to our clients is empowering them through our solutions. Abakus WebCMS has been a keystone product from the very first days. Now in its 5th version, Abakus WebCMS promises further ease of use, flexibility, multimedia functionality, and most importantly, security.

Easy. Very Easy.
The content management system is intuitive and easy to use. Its menu structure and commands are clear and easy to understand. Apart from this, AWC5 comes with a help function for every module installed for your website.

Let us Customise it.
If you need a specific web application for a particular function that is not included in the AWC5 standard edition, its versatility allows us to integrate a customised solution seamlessly. We understand that your needs are important and particular to you and since the content management system is developed inhouse our team of developers can customise any module in the AWC5 to suit your needs. We can also build modules specifically for you.

The power is yours.
The good thing about AWC5 is that you can access it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and since it is easy to use, you can do your own updates with the only determining factor being yourself! This willl help you put your news and updates online as soon as they happen.

Are you a designer?
Are you a designer who wishes to use a secure content management system but does not wish to develop your own? Abakus WebCMS is available also under Developers' License. Stop worrying about code, bugs, security, and updates - we will send you an easy-to-follow API and your designs will take life in just a few hours of work. Apply today!

Works with Flash!
Through XML technology, our CMS can also be integrated to flash websites.

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