Abakus Solutions has now released the new inhouse built Abakus Web CMS Version 5.0.

Abakus Web CMS Version 5.0 (AWC5) offers a novel approach to managing websites combining functionality and ease-of-use to a modular setup. As with most content management systems,  AWC5 is a tool that connects to the administrative side of a website and provides its administrators a number of functions through which they can manage the different aspects of their online presence.

AWC5 has been rebuilt using enhanced functionality that improves both the time required to update and maintain a site, as well as the search engine optimisation potential of sites connected to it.

The Abakus Web CMS Version 5.0 comes packed with Page Editor, News and Article Manager, Menu Builder, File Repository, Image Repository, Meta Tag Editor, Contact form-to-mail and every page carries a number of tags that when combined to the front side of your website, it ensures enhanced search engine ranking.

Additionally, AWC5 can be upgraded with numerous modules such as Multimedia Galleries that handle images, video and audio, Blog with comments, Advertising Banners, Mailing List subscription, e-Commerce Catalogue, e-Commerce Shop.

Abakus Solutions can provide a holistic solution that includes web design and web development integrated with AWC5. Furthermore, AWC5 can also be used by third-parties to integrate with existing website fronts using XML technology.

AWC5 is protected with ACAS.