Lorne Cremona - Website Co-ordinator - Qala Local Council

Qala Local Council needed a user-friendly website with an equally accessible back-end system. Abakus delivered the goods within the required time-frame and costs. The dedication and professionalism shown by their staff was truly remarkable and second to none. I would not hesitate one moment as to recommend them to potential clients.

Anna Briffa - Director of Studies - Britannia College

Our website BCMalta.com is powered by AWC5 - Abakus Solutions' own WebCMS thanks to which all website content in the website can be updated very easily by the staff at Britannia College staff with a minimal amount of IT expertise. This is extremely important for us. We are a boutique school and our small administrative team's main concern is the welfare of our student clients. Being able to update and manage our website without the need to employ special IT services is a key issue for us. Abakus Solutions, have provided us with the package and back-up we need to do this quickly and simply using basic computer-user skills.

Joe Sammut - PR & Fund Raising - Caritas Malta

Abakus sponsor the Caritas Malta website. I have been with Caritas Malta for three and-a-half years, and that's the time I have been in contact with with the Abakus team. Throughout this time I have found Abakus to be extremely helpful, particularly because I had not been involved with websites before. Last year, through their own initiative, Abakus, constructed a new website for Caritas Malta, and on that I worked very well with the whole team. Our thanks go to the Abakus team for giving us a very useful and attractive website.

Michelle Mangion - Booking Clerk - Teatru Manoel

My experience with Abakus Labs is one of great satisfaction. Your staff is always there to help and service is prompt. The back end of the website is easy to access and very user friendly. To sum up everything in one word I would say excellent.

Claudette Farrugia - Marketing Executive - General Soft Drinks Ltd

I find Abakus Labs very helpful and easy to reach. Since we started Coke & Food Campaign which requires prompt action, your collaboration was very appreciated and hence made our life easier. As a back-end system, it is very user-friendly. If asked whether I would recommend Abakus Labs, my reply will definitely be in the affirmative.

Stephen Borg - Mellieha Local Council

The revamping of the Mellieha Local Council website proved to be a very pleasant experience thanks to the expertise and dedication of all staff at Abakus. They managed to offer a great design matched with an easily accessible back-end system. All queries were also answered efficiently and professionally. Thanks.

Mandy Vella - Revenue & E-Commerce Manager - The Preluna Hotel & Spa

Great product, Great team, great service! Booking&Co and Busy Rooms don’t only offer a great product – they also guide you through making your project Your Own; in a way that meets functionality, with professionalism and a personalised final product. Special thanks goes to Vanessa, Kevin, Daniel & Andrew for their responsive assistance and guidance. Will definitely be discussing more projects in the near future!

Gordon Borg - Marketing Manager - db Hotels + Resort

We are very satisfied with the service rendered by Abakus and Busy Rooms. In all phases, from website planning, development and implementation, we had found the best partner to give us the best results that we are enjoying today. In fact today we are enjoying a more flexible system and a good customer service that makes our life easier in our execution. I highly recommend Abakus and Busy Rooms for their service and approach they have towards their clients – an approach of understanding and execution to your customised requirements that gives you good results.