Abakus Solutions recently embarked into another international project, the redesign of the website for the hotel 'Hotel Castor The Vine' situated in Berlin; the city that never sleeps. The website was redesigned to fit its new wine related theme.

Thanks to the new website and the integration of the online booking engine addajet, Hotel Castor the Vine gives visitors the opportunity to book their rooms and flight both on the hotel website at their own convenience.

Other features of the website include a multimedia gallery that manage to convey the beauty of both the hotel and the city Berlin. Another useful feature is an informative and interactive google map integration which is at hand with information about approximate distances of the surrounding transport stations and stops. Last but not least, guests can also find information on the room rates and facilities which are offered by Hotel Castor the Vine through a section dedicated to packages. The website comes in two languages, German and English. 

Visit Hotel Castor The Vine's website at www.hotelcastorberlin.com.